What does 'Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm' mean?

Sacred. We believe there is that which is sacred in the Universe, whether you call it the Divine, the First Cause, God, Goddess, or Fido. We tend to call it Spirit. Our foremost goal is for our members to realize and achieve connection with Spirit.

Rhythm. There is a fundamental rhyhm that enlivens Spirit and us all. The very molecules, atoms and quarks that make up the Universe vibrate to this rhythm. So do we, when the cacophony of mundane concerns aren't distracting us or preventing us from hearing it. Through ritual and intense ecstatic experience we break free of everyday distraction, so we may re-open our ears and our hearts to the rhythm of Spirit.

Kindlers. Reconnecting to our natural rhythm, our natural affinity with Spirit is re-established. Our authentic self is re-awakened. Our intention is re-focused. Our passion for living is re-kindled.

Kindlers. Emphasis on the plural this time. We come together to share our ideas and experiences, to foster our mutual connection with Spirit, to explore and rekindle our passions, and to celebrate community with others of like belief and experience.

If you are interested in learning more about Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm, please contact us.

All kindling needs a spark.



Below are a series of groups, vendors and links to other sites that may interest those interested in Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm. Clicking on any link will open a new window taking you off of the Kindlers site. If you know of a Pagan-friendly resource that should be listed on this page, please contact us with the words "Add a Link" in the subject line.


Dark Odyssey ( http://www.darkodyssey.com/ ) March 21-23, 2008 "Winter Fire" - A journey of sexual adventure, where open minded people gather to explore Tantra, Polyamory, Intimate Communications, BDSM, Alternative Lifestyles and more. With nationally known presenters, hands on workshops, intriguing lectures and exciting social events, experience a vacation you are sure to not forget.

Free Spirit Alliance ( http://www.free-spirit.org/ ) Spiritual Networking Organization based in the Mid-Atlantic area sponsoring local, regional and national events.

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary of Earth Religion ( http://www.4qf.org/ ) hosting gatherings, fire/drum circles, retreats and events in Artemas, PA. Membership supported campground - non-members not welcomed at all events.

Open Hearth Foundation ( http://www.openhearth.org/ ) A nonprofit Pagan community center initiative serving the DC/MD/VA region through planned events, programs and facilities.

Rites of Summer ( http://www.ritesofsummer.com/ ) Mid July event in Darlington, MD - focused on creating community and re-creating modern Rites of passage.

Fire/Alchemy Resources

Earthdrum Council ( http://www.earthdrum.com/ ) CA group focused on drumming as a tool for community-building, cultural awareness, and personal growth respecting many different drumming and dance traditions.

Fire Family Gathering - ( http://www.firefamilygathering.org/ ) hosts Pheonix Fire in Santa Cruz CA. Check out the community links at http://www.firefamilygathering.org/community_links and articles at http://www.firefamilygathering.org/considerations_of_the_sacred_fire_circle and http://www.firefamilygathering.org/fire_circle_articles or join to their discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FireFamilyDiscussion/

Fire Tribe Hawaii - ( http://www.firetribehawaii.org/ ) - Hawaii based group and event, but with informative links and articles for all fire tribe people especially at http://www.firetribehawaii.org/fcarticles.html and http://www.firetribehawaii.org/links.html

Vegas vorteX - ( http://vegasvortex.com/index.php ) - events and group based in Las Vegas but, like many of these groups, extending to where there are welcoming fire people. Visit their articles and events calendar starting with http://vegasvortex.com/pages/AlchemyFAQ, http://vegasvortex.com/pages/events and http://vegasvortex.com/teachers.php.


The Witches Voice ( http://www.witchvox.com ) NeoPagan News and Networking home page with hundreds of articles, news stories, group listings and events listings.

Merchants and Vendors

13 Moons ( http://www.occoquan.com/shops/ShopsView.asp?ID=247 ) Celebrating the Moon, Nature and the Goddess Within, (in Occoquan, VA).

Caldron Crafts ( http://www.caldroncrafts.com ) Excellent stock of semi-precious stones, gems, crystals, geodes, jewelry supplies, tools and other craf supplies. Special orders, classes. (Catonsville, MD).

The Crystal Fox ( http://www.thecrystalfox.com/index.html ) Unique gifts and books serving the pagan community and hosting worksops, seminars, and events of interest to the local (Laurel, MD) pagan community.

Curio ( http://www.curiorichmond.com ) Curio has an incredibly diverse and constantly evolving stock - non-commercialized pagan supplies, natural incenses, hand mixed whole teas, orchids and exotic plants - locally (Richmond, VA) produced and handmade whenever possible. Revoling gallery of local artists' work also on display for appreciation (and for sale).

Danian SoapWorks ( http://www.daniansoapworks.com/ ) "...with the smallest of rituals, life takes on new meaning." Handcrafted soap, salts and sundries to delight the senses and center the mind. Handpoured and made with rich, natural, all-vegetable oils. No animal testing. Biodegradable. Pure, aromatherapy-grade essential oils for scent, botanicals, grains and clays to gently exfoliate. Specially formulated for lather. (Online catalog, outlets in Nashville, TN).

Enchanted Works ( http://www.enchantedworks.com ) Unique and magickal things, your one stop shop for Pagan and Wiccan ritual supplies, altar tools, and gifts. Online catalog, (based in Reston VA).

Esoterica ( http://www.esotericaofleesburg.com ) The New Age Superstore. Large selection of books, gems, working tools, statuary, apparel. Classes, readings, and weekly drum circles. (In Leesburg, VA).

Goddess Elite ( http://www.goddesselite.com/ ) Quality natural crystal from Arkansas, Tibet and India. Huge selection of music for relaxation, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or Massage. Offering Coventry Creations, 7 Day and small ritual candles, Sacred Path votives as well as jewelry, plaques and carved animals and figurines. (North Olmsted, OH).

Sacred Circle Books ( http://www.sacredcirclebooks.com/ ) Books, music, gifts, tools and various services and events including divinatory readings and classes. For both the general public and professional practitioners of the intuitive arts and sciences, alternative medicine, and natural health and healing. (In Alexandria, VA.)

Spark of Spirit ( http://www.sparkofspirit.com ) "A Metaphysical Store for the New Age." Wide range of books, CD's, jewelry and statuary. Ritual items including wands, athames, cauldrons, chalices, patens, tarot decks, runes, pendulums, dowsing rods, wind chimes, fountains, herbs, oils, candles, crystals, incenses, resins. Also offering classes and Spiritual Cinema Nights. (In College Park, MD.)

TerraBlue ( http://www.sarahsworks.com/ ) Eclectic shop offering a wide variety of beads, beading supplies and classes, plus a large variety of gifts and metaphysical spiritual supplies including incense, herbs, ritual jewelry, candles, cauldrons, greeting cards, candles, jewelry, home accesories, bath and body products (in Greensboro, NC).

Wayah Witchery.com ( http://www.wayahwitchery.com ) Over 400 varieties of gems, crystals, spheres, obelisks. Large selection of jewelry, fantasy weapons, charms, books, incense, candles, tapestries, perfumed oils, Ren clothing, cloaks, sarongs. Handcrafted items made onsite - turtle shell bags, beaded medicine pouches, witchballs, dream catchers, wish catchers, beaded quartz spheres, wirewrapped jewelry, ceramics and pottery (near Franklin, NC).

Add a Resource or Link

If you know of a Pagan-friendly resource that should be listed on this page, please contact us with the words "Add a Link" in the subject line.

How to join or find out more about us

We invite others in the DC metro area interested in our path to join us and find out if this is a direction for you to explore. If you are interested in learning more about us or have questions about the ideas we are exploring, please contact us.

All genuine seekers are welcome. If this is not what you are seeking, then please seek elsewhere and blessings be with you.