What is Poi Spinning?

Poi is(are?) a skill toy. Basically a weight on a string or rope. The weight
is swung around the body as you move and dance within the boundaries of
the poi as they spin around you.

It is a traditional art that comes from the Maori people from New Zealand.

The poi may be tennis balls, bean bags... or kevlar wicks that have been dipped in fuel and lit on fire. Then poi spinning becomes fire spinning or fire dancing.

For in depth explanation of the sport and some pics and videos of how folks spin, check out Home of Poi.


Fire/Poi Spinning

Learn/Practice the art of Spinning poi

We've set up a group and a web site for all the folks who enjoy poi and other fire/skill toys/tools.


The goals of the group and the web site are to help us...

  • network
  • stay safe
  • work on moves and techniques
  • generally advance our skills and experiences
  • get more chances to hang out and spin
  • have fun!

2012 Practices, Burns & JamS (PB&J's, for Short)

Our calendar runs from Samhain to Samhain - so begins November 1, 2011 and ends October 31st 2012.

Map and DirectionsTwice a Month, in the Aspen Hill area of Maryland (Map & directions), unless otherwise noted:

  • Saturday, Nov 12th, 5:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Nov 26th, 5-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Dec 10th, 4:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Dec 24th, 4-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Jan 14th, 4-11:pm - fire spin-jam and Birthday Party!
  • Saturday, Jan 28th, 4:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Feb 11th, 4:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Feb 25th, 5-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Mar 10th, 5-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Mar 24th, 6:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Apr 14th, 6:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Saturday, Apr 28th, 7-11:pm - fire spin-jam and Birthday Party!
  • Saturday, May 12th, 7-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Sunday, May 27th, 4-8:pm - poi practice/play
  • Saturday, June 9th, 7:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Sunday, June 24th, 4-8:pm - poi practice/play
  • Saturday, July 14th, 7:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Sunday, July 29th, 4-8:pm - poi practice/play
  • Saturday, Aug 11th, 7-11:pm - fire spin-jam at 18970 Harmony Church Rd, Leesburg VA
  • Sunday, Aug 26th, 4-8:pm - poi practice/play
  • Saturday, Sep 8th, 6:30-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Sunday, Sep 23rd, 4-8:pm - poi practice/play
  • Saturday, Oct 13th, 6-11:pm - fire spin-jam
  • Sunday, Oct 28th, 2-6:pm - poi practice/play


Join the No1SpinsAlone group for updates and announcements of future PB&J's and other fire/poi spinning events.

Contact us for directions, more information, to RSVP, or let us know about a fire/poi-spinning group or event.

How to join or find out more about Kindlers

We invite others in the DC metro area interested in our path to join us and find out if this is a direction for you to explore. If you are interested in learning more about us or have questions about the ideas we are exploring, please contact us.

All genuine seekers are welcome. If this is not what you are seeking, then please seek elsewhere and blessings be with you.