What does 'Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm' mean?

Sacred. We believe there is that which is sacred in the Universe, whether you call it the Divine, the First Cause, God, Goddess, or Fido. We tend to call it Spirit. Our foremost goal is for our members to realize and achieve connection with Spirit.

Rhythm. There is a fundamental rhyhm that enlivens Spirit and us all. The very molecules, atoms and quarks that make up the Universe vibrate to this rhythm. So do we, when the cacophony of mundane concerns aren't distracting us or preventing us from hearing it. Through ritual and intense ecstatic experience we break free of everyday distraction, so we may re-open our ears and our hearts to the rhythm of Spirit.

Kindlers. Reconnecting to our natural rhythm, our natural affinity with Spirit is re-established. Our authentic self is re-awakened. Our intention is re-focused. Our passion for living is re-kindled.

Kindlers. So nice we have to say it twice. Emphasis on the plural this time. We come together to share our ideas and experiences, to foster our mutual connection with Spirit, to explore and rekindle our passions, and to celebrate community with others of like belief and experience.

If you are interested in learning more about Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm, please contact us.

All kindling needs a spark.


Our Pet Dogma

Doctrines of Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm

There is no absolute doctrine or absolute Truth. There is what Spirit and your heart tell you is right for you.

This coven is dedicated to supporting each of its members in following the call of Spirit in their lives in order to become who and what they need to be.

For this coven, these guidelines will apply until we decide that change is needed:

All life is sacred.

Do as you will and harm to none.

Let your actions be guided by your instinct and the law of return.

Spiritual inspiration may be found anywhere and everywhere. Allow yourself to be open to perceiving Spirit’s inspiration in all things, acts and beings.

The only sacred texts are those which inspire the sacred within the reader. Because any text may inspire such a connection with Spirit, all writing may be sacred. The individual must decide for him- or herself what is sacred and inspirational.


Spirit speaks through all beings. Allow yourself to hear Spirit in every voice.

Spirit is many things to every person who looks for It. To decide that there is a limit to Spirit’s expression in the world says that Spirit is limited.

Spirit has many names and many forms. Each are unique and individual, while at the same time being part of the whole that is Spirit. Honor Spirit by the names that feel right to you. Allow others to honor Spirit by the names that feel right to them.

The name by which Spirit is honored is not important, only that It is recognized and honored.

We begin our search for Spirit within the self.

When our magik is inward focused, our circle is cast Earthwise (counter clockwise).
When our magik is outward focused, our circle is cast Sunwise (clockwise).

Four Elements

Within mgikal space we honor four elements of creation: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Each represents forces within Nature and within ourselves which we invite to join and aid us in our journey of spiritual discovery. These associations may change as we explore and deepen our understanding. At this time they can be simply put as:

Elements and Their Associations
Element Associations
Earth body, experience, support, being
Air mind, inspiration, decisions, knowledge
Fire spirit, drive, passion, shining in the world
Water emotions, depth, fluidity, cycles


Within magikal space we honor Spirit as existing as multiplicity, duality and singularity. As The All (The One), universal Singularity, we recognize that Spirit is in all things and all things are a part of Spirit. In Duality, Spirit is the creative force of polar opposites whose friction generates the energy that fuels creation and which combine to create all that is. In Its Multiplicity, Spirit is all the faces of the Gods that have ever been known and will ever be known.

Any one who walks the path that Spirit calls them to is living a spiritual life.

Any one who dedicates themselves to living their life as Spirit calls them to is a priest or priestess of Spirit.

We recognize commitment to this coven through the use of the following titles:

Coven Titles
Title Description
Fire Gazer An individual who comes to the fire when they need to warm up. They take the fire for themselves and renew their spirit
Fire Thief An undedicated individual who regularly attends our rituals. They take the fire that is offered by the Gods to keep their inner fires burning.
Fire Starter An individual who has dedicated/initiated to the coven. These are our full members who accept the responsibility to help make things happen. They have become a Priest / Priestess of the Sacred Flame and they learn how to start the Sacred Fire in themselves and to share it with everyone they meet.
Fire Tender The individual who helps the Kindler lead and run the coven. Any Fire Starter may become a Tender when the Kindler feels a Tender is needed and they are ready for the position. The Tender is a High Priest/Preistess of the Spirit Fire. They support the Spirit Fire that burns in themselves and others through their service.
Fire Kindler The individual leading the coven. Any Fire Starter may become a Kindler when they feel they are ready to take on the roles and responsibilities of spiritually leading a group of people. They have become a High Priest / Priestess to the Sprit Fire, they kindle the Spirit flames of those who seek their aid.
Ember An individual who is respected by the tradition and to whom we turn to when we need advice. They are the glowing jewels of other fires that help to ignite and sustain the Spirit fire when needed

We experience Spirit through ecstasy. To know Spirit is to be in a state of ecstasy. We journey to Spirit through our own ecstasy. For this coven we honor all paths which lead to Spirit Ecstasy, and focus on the path of trance and ordeal for their power to transform and enlighten the seeker through experience.


How to join or find out more about us

We invite others in the DC metro area interested in our path to join us and find out if this is a direction for you to explore. If you are interested in learning more about us or have questions about the ideas we are exploring, please contact us.

All genuine seekers are welcome. If this is not what you are seeking, then please seek elsewhere and blessings be with you.