We Are the People of the Drum

by Talia Firehawk

We are the people of the drum.

We are a family of fire.

We are the people of the drum.

Spirits burning brightly, higher and higher.

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Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm – Experiencing Spirit through Ordeal

Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm, or "Kindlers" for short, is a group of pagans who practice the Magick of the Ordeal Path.

We have come together to practice what our intuition and experience have drawn us to - finding connection to Spirit (and each other) through the vehicle of intense physical and personal experience. Many of our members are part of the BDSM community as well as the local Pagan community, though this is not a necessity. Our members range in experience from novices to veterans of either/both communities.

We come together to share our ideas and experiences, to explore new ways of looking at the universe and to find community with others of like mind.

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What is an Ordeal Path?

An Ordeal Path is any spiritual practice which creates an ecstatic state of consciousness by putting the body and mind through some form of extreme experience. This means that just about everything in the BDSM world is fair game and can potentially present a course of approach to Spirit.

The key is intention. We set an intent which will focus the direction that sub space and dom space will lead to. And for our purposes that focus is usually communion with the Divine, Spirit, Higher Self, or God/dess - however you understand it.

There are, of course, many other forms of ordeal and many other ways of focusing one's intent. BDSM is just one with which many of us have experience.

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What are Pagans?

We are people who follow a spiritual practice which holds that all life is sacred and imbued with divinity and that every action is a ritual in praise to the creative force(s) of the Universe. Our primary practice is to simply recognize these principles at work around us all the time and live in concert with them.

How to join or find out more about us

We invite others in the DC metro area interested in our path to join us and find out if this is a direction for you to explore. If you are interested in learning more about us or have questions about the ideas we are exploring, please contact us.

All genuine seekers are welcome. If this is not what you are seeking, then please seek elsewhere and blessings be with you.